Kim's Faves

  • By Karen Marino

For my chemically-lightened, fine, thin hair I like to mainly focus on very moisturizing products. I tend to only shampoo my hair once a month, right after I color. For all of the days inbetween, I use the VS Indulge Mask as my "poo"; I scrub it all over my scalp, let it sit for about 3-5 minutes, and then I scrub it out while I rinse (this final scrub I find to be the most important step in having undamaged, yet still clean and fluffy hair). The VS Indulge Mask leaves my hair squeeky clean while moisturizing it at the same time. Blowdries can last me DAYS with this! As for styling products, I love the VS Keratin Therapy on the very tips of my wet hair before blowdrying. It gives them the moisture I need and a nice shine. I will also use the VS Stay Spritz and Shine as a root lift on the crown of my wet head before blowdrying. It gives just the right amount of hold for some volume without making my hair crunchy or feeling like theres product in my hair. After styling my hair I usually finish off my dried hair with either VS Stay Spritz and Shine again for that light hold it gives or I use the Stay Extra Hold Spray for a more strong, stay in place hold.

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