Lauren's Wavy Hair Pick

  • By Karen Marino

VS6 is amazing!  I have been struggling my whole life trying to find a product to accentuate my wavy hair and I finally found it!  I use VS6 when my hair is still dripping wet, flip my head over, put a quarter size amount in my hands (I have thick hair almost to my waist) and apply it gently making sure not to rake through my hair.  I scrunch a bunch of moisture out, flip my hair back up and diffuse.  The curls stay defined all day and the product does not weigh my hair down.

Since I have been using VS6 for a little over a week now, I have noticed that my curls are getting more defined and I am getting tons of compliments!  For all of you wavy curlies out there looking for a great product to accentuate that curly wave, this is it!  VS6 - you will not be dissappointed.

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