VSCLEAN Our Specifically Formulated Hair Care Products

In such a highly saturated market owned by big brand names it’s hard to find a business that truly cares for each individual customer. That’s why in 1988 The Village Salon was created! Located in Pennington New Jersey with a team of highly professional and skilled hairstylist we decided we wanted to do even more, we wanted our amazing clients and anyone else looking for clean quality haircare to be able to bring the salon home with them.  Living your true most creative life is a value at the Village Salon and we felt that working under the rule of larger brands was not something that aligned with our values! We want to show the world that a small salon in a small town can still provide quality products just as good if not better as anything you could pick up in a store.

As a salon that’s been open for 35 years we’ve tried many products from all different companies and most of them fell short to the hype companies built up about these products. Many areas have environmental factors you might not even know about that affect your hair! For example The greater Pennington area has very high metal/minerals content in its water which can seep into the hair and cause hair to become coarse and nearly impossible to style. Our products are made with that in mind because we truly care for our clients and community. Many of the leading products where made 40 years ago and the formula never truly changed. At Village Salon we understand that in such a changing world its important to update and revise as new challenges appear.

We have created the VSclean VSNURTURE with quality ingredients and light fragrance. We also are going to ask you to use the products a little different; we are going to ask you to pay more attention to your hair needs to determine when and how often to use each product. One size fits all will never apply to hair.

We will be keeping a spot on the web site for you to see how others are using the product and how you can best compare them to how you should use the products.

The Village Salon is always here to help! Reach out to us should you ever need any help determining how to best use out products to improve your hair!


Thank You for supporting a small locally owned business