VSCLEAN Our Specifically Formulated Hair Care Products

Since trust is such an important part of selling online, it’s a good idea to know who you are buying from. You are buying from The Village Salon in downtown Pennington NJ and we have been selling hair care products for 25 years and we thought it was time to start having a say in what we are selling to our clients we wanted to be able to pull something out of the line if it wasn’t performing as stated. When you are selling other company products you must live by their rules, prices and policies and never will anyone listen to you when you tell them we need to change things. This is when VSCLEAN was born and it was the most amazing products that we have worked with and yes we thought the same thing you thought oh this can’t be good we are so small, but then we were told about all the marketing and cost involved with the big lines and yes we could get better ingredients and still keep the cost close to normal.


At VS clean, our hairdressers have worked with some of the most highly recognized products in the industry today and have found that most of the products were falling short of their claims. We needed to create a line that works exclusively with the hair conditions of today. Today clients are having difficulty with the many different types of water and the problems that are associated with hard and soft water. Hair shampooed in hard water or exposed to water softeners that use salt or phosphates. Problems like improper absorption of hair color and moisture treatments (aka the color dosn't last or the conditioner made the hair dirty by the end of the day), also hair texture, lacking flexibility, becoming hard or stiff from minerals.  Hair care products that were created many years ago were on top of the problems of that era, but things change and so do clients habits and needs.  Client are shampooing more than they did many years ago, the technologies in products that worked then are no longer working today.  So we need to create a product line that would service the client habits of today. We also felt the need to keep it simple without so many ingredients.  


We have created the VS clean with quality ingredients and light fragrance. We also are going to ask you to use the products a little different; we are going to ask you to pay more attention to your hair needs to determine when and how often to use each product. One size fits all will never apply to hair.

We will be keeping a spot on the web site for you to see how others are using the product and how you can best compare them to how you should use the products.