Best way to use STAY spritz and shine, best humidity protection for hair ever!

  • By Karen Marino
This stuff makes my hair STAY the way I styled it for days! I LOVE LOVE LOVE  DID I SAY LOVE ENOUGH,THIS STUFF! Best humidity protection for hair ever. I like to use a lot of products because I like my hair to stay for three days which means I have to get a shampoo with some cleaning power, so I like to use the Maximum Fullness (2 shampoos if I have a lot of product). A good way to tell if you need that second shampoo is when your hair feels like straw its just the product build up not breaking down on the first shampoo). I like body so instead of using a shower conditioner I only use the leave in conditioner (elixir 11) one and half pumps is all I need, I comb it through in the shower. Then I toss dry my hair with my head upside down, when it feels 97% dry I put in Velcro rollers and spray the stay spritz and shine all over and let the rollers in for 15 minutes. best hair ever. I have talked with other people who use a large round brush and just spray each section of hair after its dry and dry it just a little more so I tried that to and it works just as well. the second method I think gets the ends of the hair better and the first method gets the roots better.
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