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  • By Karen Marino

 I would like to tell you how I use vsclean. First I need to say that I have very hard water, we have a water softener and a whole house filter and yes its still hard. One year my hair felt so fizzy I had to get Brazilian relaxer, and yes my hair felt amazing till it washed off. So this is what I have figured out so far I have to get my  fine thin, but a medium amount hair colored every month so I always cleanse my hair with the maxium fullness shampoo before I put my color on to be sure that my color takes as well as it can. After my color is rinsed off I use volumizing conditioner and a big squart of the color moist conditioner mixed. I leave it in 3 to 5 minutes massage my scalp to be sure to remove all of the color. Now I will wet and recondition my hair every 2 or 3 day using the same conditioner formula mix massaging my head for 3 to 5 minutes and massaging my scalp to be sure it is clean. While wet and still in the shower I spray the elixir 11 and the straight and smooth in my hands and use all the water in my hair to help distribute it all threw my hair. I towel dry my hair and squeeze out the rest of the water and style as usual. I may shampoo my hair one other time during the month but mostly its just the conditioner poo thing.

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