Amanda picks

  • By Karen Marino

I have fine chemically treated hair. I love to ulternate my shampoos! The two shampoos I love are the tru hue highlighting shampoo and the maximum fullness shampoo reason why  is with the highlighting shampoo it really keeps my blonde from not looking brassy or washed out doesn't weight my hair down. maximum fullness shampoo and cond I love for when I want my hair to be nice and fluffy lots of volume and doesn't dry my hair out like most volume shampoos would .i also love the elixir 11 for detangling my hair gets very knotty from being lightened  it really helps to get the knots out without weighting hair down. indulge mask as my deep cond once a week I use it leave it in as long as I can doesn't weight my hair down and I get nice shine and my hair feels like butter and I can still get curl in the hair with my curling iron :) As my finishing spray the stay hairspray little goes a long way but it holds my style in all day! Amanda

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